Most Expensive Suites in Las Vegas

Living in the Las Vegas speaks opulence and elegance in the same breath. If you wish to experience royal service, you’ll get what you wish for in these expensive suites in the Strip. Here are some of the most lavish hotel rooms you should check out in your next visit of the sin city.

Caesars Palace

Experience the reminiscent Roman grandeur with either a Hangover-themed room or a fantasy suite. But if you are looking for a 10,000 square-feet space all for your own, the Octavius Tower villa that overlooks the palace’s pool playground among the many other villas might just be what you’re looking for. Each night stay will cost you about $30,000 to $40,000. Enjoy a baby grand, remote-controlled toilet, a game room with a pool table and about $80,000 worth of expensive bed linens.


Aria Sky Suite

Sitting on the top floor of the City Center hotel is the sky suites. An overnight stay will cost you around $7,500 to enjoy your very own private space with salon, a fitness center, a 24-hour butler service and private entrance to the suite.

Mandarin Oriental

 This luxurious hotel brand offers three distinct suite designs with a 3,100 square-feet floor area: The Emperor, Mandarin and Taipei suite.

The Mandarin suite rest on the 22nd floor of the hotel while the Emperor on the 21st With the latter having one room and an open plan kitchen, a media room which can host up to eight guests and a piano, a $15,000 cost per night depending on the usage and season is not a bad deal after all.

The Bellagio

Want to experience what it’s like to live like a king? The Presidential suite at the Bellagio hotel offers just that. This 4,000 square-feet living space features two master bedrooms, floor to ceiling windows and two and a half bathroom. You will also have a private solarium complete with a fountain and a garden for $5,000 per night.


What’s best is these extravagant suites and penthouses can be purchased. Enjoy the best that the Strip has to offer –exclusive shopping centers, excellent services and great scenic view of the entire city by contacting a las vegas realtor who will be able to tell you what opportunities are available and on the market. You sure will want to come back for more!



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